A Good Dog

I have always said it was important to have at least one good dog in your life.  I feel like I have had more than my share.  In fact I feel like we have two right now.  We laughed about the fact that Izzy is now 50 lbs. and it is strange when you have a big dog roaming around your house.  If we were out in the wild and saw an animal that big we would probably scream and try to climb a tree.  Instead… here she is a freakin’ human if you ask me. 

It is strange… but awesome at the same time. 

Here’s to having a good dog or two… here are a few pics of Mikey & Izzy, enjoy.

Mikey... chillin'.

Izzy wants a garden so bad...

4 thoughts on “A Good Dog”

  1. i think ive been lucky too. every dog ive ever kept and called my own has been a good dog. living out where we did, we always had a couple of mutt’s tagging along with our little pack. sometimes they would stay and become family. sometimes thet would move along.

  2. ghost – I feel the same way… always had dogs around, and they were all good. Can only think of a couple that I should have taken out in the country and left for you. 😉

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