A Tree Trimming Weekend

Shala is headed to Dallas/Ft. Worth to do a bit of shopping for our cruise and so I have nothing to do but trim some damn trees.  I have borrowed a pole saw and hopefully I can get this dead tree trimmed up so that when we decided to do the big trimming it will be simple.  Err… easier – that is a better word.

When we moved in, it was winter – so we had no clue this tree was practically dead.  We think it was eaten alive by carpenter ants.  So now we have to deal with the removal and all that jazz.  NOT FUN.

I snapped a picture of it to show you the progress I made when the weekend is over.  Unless I don’t get anything done… then I will just not update anyone and act like I forgot.  I am sneaky like that.

So here is the old dead tree at the moment…

Dead Tree - Trimming Planned

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