Added Some Lantana To The Mix

This past weekend we worked hard at getting all the plants for the pool area, but also – we decided to pick up some Lantana to put on the side of the house where our Oleander is.  Shala had wanted some Lantana for a while, her Mom always has some growing.  We always opted out when we would see it, but this past weekend we picked up a small plant.  We like to get the smaller ones, so we can see it grow into a big plant under our care. 

Hope we don’t screw it up.  😉

This is the “confetti” variety of Lantana, with pink, orange and yellow blooms.  You can see the pic below of it after we placed it in its hole home.

Lantana growing in Texas

I do have to give a bit of an update though.  This is prior to our GIGANTIC puppy throwing herself in reverse and placing a GIGANTIC paw right dead on the plant.  Instantly she took out half of the plant.  So we have the half she broke off soaking in a glass of water in the window seal, hoping we can root it and save the little guy.  We are trying to make the best of the situation.  Can you tell?!?

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