And The First Winner Is…

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This morning, since we wanted to be fair and let everyone get a chance to enter yesterday… we drew a winner.  Actually, saying we “drew” a winner is a lie.  We went to and let it do the work for us.  We decided that we would put the total number of comments and if so happened to come up on a linkback or a double comment – we would run it again. 

But we didn’t have to.

So we put in the numbers and it spit out #9.

Winner Day 1

Looks like comment #9 was – Pam Price from Red, White & Grew.  So Pam, shoot me us an email with the style you want (look on their site), and the size and your shipping information.  We will pass it on to Ethel Gloves and get your gloves sent to you ASAP.  Thanks to everyone who played along… and the cool part.  TODAY IS A NEW CONTEST!  So you get to have another shot at something… hell, every single day this week!  Click here for today’s contest.

Thanks for everyone that participated!  And of course our sponsor for this contest Ethel Gloves!  Remember if you want to buy some Ethel Gloves, they are running a 15% promo through tomorrow for their birthday.

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