And The Winner Of Ethel Gloves Is…

Someone give me a drumroll… or not – it doesn’t have to be all fancy.

**fake drumroll**

The winner of a pair of brand new totally awesome, one of a kind (not really), state of the art Ethel Gloves is…

Winner of Ethel Gloves!

If you can’t read from the image – Shelly Peacock, if you were the one that let Shelly know about the drawing – start telling her how you expect half of the pair of gloves or something.  We all expect you to. 

Congrats to Shelly, we LOVE giving this stuff away – and this is just the first.  We just keep on trucking along w/ even more garden giveaways!  Be sure to share w/ as many people as you can/want. 

And a special thank you to Ethel Gloves for providing the gloves for this giveaway, and be sure to stop by their website and pick up a pair if you didn’t win – and use the discount code: DOUBLEDANGER15 to get 15% off your purchase!


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