And Then There Were Two…

I like to end things with “…”.  It is so suspenseful.  Don’t you feel a little anxious now… not knowing what the “two” really is?

Hell, I already know… and I’m in suspense now with all these dots (…) going around.

Enough already.  I get lost in my own thoughts sometimes… (more suspense).

This weekend we decided to build the second of three (at least) raised beds.  This one grew a bit wider, and shrunk a bit shorter – but same design as the first.  This one is actually 44 inches wide, 14 inches tall & 8 foot long.  The first is 30 inches wide, 16 inches tall & 8 foot long.  Here is a picture of them both out in the wild…

How To Build Raised Beds

Our plan is to put a third one right past the second one… then eventually keep going as far back as the earth allows us.  Or until we run into the lady next door’s fence.  Whichever comes first.

Here is another shot of the two beds from another angle…

Pictures of raised beds.

Shala really likes the second one – I believe the 3rd one will be the same as the new one.  We are so excited to get out there and put some plants in the ground.  Hopefully soon right Texans?  Pfft… yeah right.  I think Megan from Nestmaker commented the other day about Texas being crazy because we were hitting 90+ on the thermometer and we were all still talking about the chance of frost not being over yet.  Yup… it is crazy here.  No doubt about that.  Shala still says Easter we will freeze.  I… on the other hand, I say it is a done deal.  This week we will get close to freezing (36 or so), but let’s get to planting already!

I promise I still have plans to put together a how-to on the raised beds… <<leaving you in suspense here

3 thoughts on “And Then There Were Two…”

  1. Sorry, if you have answered this in the past, what do you fill your beautiful beds with? any brand of soil or do you do your own mix?

  2. @Kristi – They are great… well we hope so anyhow, we haven’t got to use them yet. haha

    As far as the soil, we use a miracle grow – organic mix. I took a pic, and will upload it and link you when I do so. It is a great organic soil.

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