Baby Basil Update w/ Pics

We planted basil from seed long long ago.  I can’t remember, I’m sure Shala can.  She has it documented on My Folia or somewhere on a piece of paper, napkin, back of a book or written on the backside of a beer label.  We have good bookkeeping – we didn’t tell you?   We keep it real clear… like freshly cleaned windows. 😉

The basil, once we moved it outside for good – LOVED life.  I mean LOVED.

So here we are months from that point, and the lil guy is growin up… **sniffle sniffle*

We will be makin’ tomato basil soup in no time.  MM mmMmm <<that means good.

Here is the latest picture of our backyard basil.

Basil Pictures - Growing Basil

A few bonus pics… because we are good like that, enjoy.

Cilantro Pictures - Growing cilantro in your garden.

Our smallest (most used) cilantro – healthy.

Cilantro Picture #2 - awesome pics.

The bigger, less used cilantro – healthy also.

Parsley Pictures - growing parsley in your garden.

Parsley trying hard to stay alive.  It is doing good, but not as good as the others.

6 thoughts on “Baby Basil Update w/ Pics”

  1. so one minute youre getting sniffly because your little baby is growing up and the next youre talking about making soup out of that same little baby.

    dubz, man…that’s just four shades of wrong, dude.

  2. This is great fun…I covet all your basil, because it’s too cold yet to even plant it in the garden, just in greenhouses. But spring is just starting to warm up. Tomatoes and basil…..mmmmm.

  3. jodi – thanks for stopping by, yeah we are blessed with weather… however it is soooooooo windy these days.

    Lisa in CA – Our record keeping is getting better with My Folia… but for a while it was definitely struggling.

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