Dear Santa…

If you can only get me one thing this year… it has to be this.

Gun BBQ Pit

Thats all.  If you can’t fit it in your sleigh… just hit me up and I will arrange a pickup.  😉

11 thoughts on “Dear Santa…”

  1. @Corey – I hear ya, it is pretty badass.

    @deb – man toy… umm yeah, for sure.

    @Kristi – agreed, hopin’ I will have that thing pulled out back and everyone can talk.

    @Heidi – Blame it on Texas.

  2. James, that has to be the manliest thing I’ve ever seen! While I won’t be purchasing a smoker that nice, I will be picking up the one I’ve had my eye on, solely for the purpose of making your ribs. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  3. @Eric Ogunbase – dude… I’m flattered. I hope it works out for you, smoked some last weekend… killer. They are so good, they are even awesome two days later heated in the oven. Almost better if you ask me.

    I wish I could taste them… let us know how they turn out. Take some pics!

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