Does Mighty Putty Really Work?!?

So about 3-4 months ago I was home sick (remember… the ear infection – ouch) and one of those infomercials came on and it just happened to be for “Mighty Putty”.  There is just something about Billy Mays’ sales pitch I guess, because about 10 min later I was putting my information in their website and hitting “Buy Now” faster than you can say… double my order.

At the time, I was really buying it so that we could use it to try and fix a hole in the Explorer’s radiator… not just because I wanted to spend 20 bucks on some random thing on the boob tube.  Perhaps it was a little of both.  😉  Funny thing was, I read online shortly after purchasing the Mighty Putty that it isn’t any different than the many epoxies available at your local hardware store.  DOH!

I still was thinking, cool – its ok… I will get it in and fix the radiator and all will be fine.  Everyone will think I was a genius, and the world will be mine.  I will go around fixing random objects that no one can figure out how to fix… because they don’t have Mighty Putty.  I will finally be the “cool kid”.

Problem with all this is a week went by and Shala’s car isn’t going to wait around, so her dad went and picked up some epoxy from the local hardware store… and he did his best to fix it.  No love though, as it didn’t seem to do the trick.  I thought, well I guess that stuff you can get at your hardware store isn’t the same – Mighty Putty is some kind of elite up-scale version of this stuff and when it comes in… I will be king.

Weeks continue to go by and we had to finally break down and just buy a radiator so that Shala’s car would not blow up.  So instead of looking like the pimp that I always thought I could be… I looked like a fool.  Thanks Mighty Putty.

After a month or so I thought, you know – I guess in my ear ached delusional state… I must have thought I ordered this so-called “Mighty” putty.  When in actuality, I hadn’t even been charged or anything for it.  I realized that I was an idiot and must not have given the correct info or something when ordering.  Perhaps being a cool person was just not in my cards.

Fast forward to about a week or two ago.  I login online to my bank and see that a charge went through that I didn’t authorize… or did I?  You guessed it, freakin’ Mighty Putty.  I ordered at the end of November and the first week of March I was charged for it.  Awesome turnaround eh? 

So about 3-4 days later I check the mail and there it sits, Mighty Putty in my mailbox. 

I was excited, hoping for a chance to redeem myself since I didn’t fix the radiator as planned, and now I had about 2 lbs of this mighty substance to use and re-use where ever I felt something needed “fixed”.  Sad thing is, I only had one thing that really needed fixed.   My Mom had this lamp that “someone” leaned up against and decided to break around the holidays.  Fat people… *shakes head*  This lamp would be my savior.

Before we get to deep in the lamp, lets get to the unveiling.  When I got the Mighty Putty, I quickly ripped open the packaging and snapped a picture of the contents – see below.

Look at Mighty Putty Pictures

What came inside?  Well 6 tubes of your favorite epoxy, Mighty Putty –  one rubber glove for use however one pleases?!  Not to mention a nice little instruction sheet to help you in your mighty-putty-ing duties.  That is it.  I think after shipping & handling this all cost about 30 bucks.  At the hardware store… probably about 12 bucks or so.  Of course you would get more rubber gloves than just one – since it is hard to find the option to buy just one these days.  I have tried, believe me. 😉

As soon as I checked out what was included – then I had nothing left to do but get something “fixed”.  I grabbed the before-mentioned lamp and started doing work.

I must mention that when you chop off a tiny piece of this stuff and start mixing it (or kneading it), this smell… similar to buttholes & elbows starts to fill the air.  Instantly Shala looks at me, I shake my head and she looks at the dogs – trying to figure out which one of us let that one go.  It does smell horrible, kind of like death mixed with gas, mixed with old food mixed with whatever else turns your stomach.  They don’t talk about that in the commercials, that’s for sure.

I don’t let it throw me off course though, and before long I have that lamp whipped into shape, standing tall like a proud owner of Mighty Putty.  It wasn’t hard to use, obviously – it is just putty.  If you have ever played with silly putty, you can do this too.  Of course it is a bit tougher, but as far as ply-ability… you can do whatever with it.

After getting it all done, I let it set for about 3-4 days, just to be safe.  I sanded it down yesterday and I will show you what it looks like at the moment.  Of course I will paint it and get it looking somewhat normal soon, but for now you get to see it in all its Mighty Putty glory.  Enjoy.

Mighty Putty Fixed My Lamp

So did mighty putty work?  So far it has, of course it hasn’t been put through much of a test so far.  No one is pulling a Mack truck by the lamp or anything, but as far as standing there and not falling over… yes it is working.  I think for most applications this will work fine – hell I could see it working great for tons of applications honestly.  This was aluminum I believe and it worked ok.  I don’t see why it wouldn’t bond to practically anything.

My overall rating for Mighty Putty is positive.  Of course the amount of time it took to deliver it, the unknown fact if I really ordered or not and all that – definitely didn’t sit well.  I wouldn’t do it again, and my experience might not be normal.  However, it might be an everyday thing for the makers of Mighty Putty to do this to customers.  If you need a quick turnaround… try a different product.

Update: If you would like to purchase Mighty Putty of your own – CLICK HERE!  Help us help you!

23 thoughts on “Does Mighty Putty Really Work?!?”

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  3. tried it on a cermaic angel and guess what? it didnt work worth a damn, elmers did the repair very nicely tho. NEVER AGAIN will I fall for a Mays commercial product!! BTW, maybe you’d sell more of your trash if you brought your obnoxious voice down a few octaves.

  4. @JD Vehorn – Lots of folks say it doesn’t work and I agree with some materials.

    Can’t agree with you more in regards to Mr. Mays. Wow what a voice.

  5. well I just tried mighty putty that I bought at walmart near the check out stand to fix a leaking pipe (sprinkler pipe) so I kneeded it and after trouble finally got it to stick to the pipe after 5 hours I went out side turned on the pie with the putty atached water shot the putty clean off and sent water up mah butt cheeks thanks a lot mighty putty!!!!! DO NOT BUY

  6. Utter Shite!!
    Tried to fix wood on the leg of a table. “No chance” should have known! read the box ” Bonds to ALMOST any surface”
    “Fix,fill,seal ALMOST anything”
    Im British and was going to send it to family.

    My arse!

  7. I did a search and see that television station WREG did a test with Mighty Putty and it stopped the leaky pipe and surprisingly, pulled a loaded semi truck. What it did not do for them though was hang things to the wall or fix the handle on the cup. You can go to their website and see the report for yourself as well as the amazing video of it actually pulling a loaded semi.

  8. This is a piece of fn crap, I used it to fix a leak on my toilet , and it totally crumbled to little bitty pieces, I landed up using plumbers putty instead and it the job very well, no more leaks, so to any consumer out there, safe you hard earned money and look foralternative fixes, MIGHTY PUTTY DOES NOT WORK !

  9. Um, I believe the three-month backorder is proof that Billy Mays advertising style works flawlessly.

    If that’s not evidence enough, how about the fact that pretty much EVERYONE can hear his voice in their head,

    “It has the strength…to tow this 50-ton tractor trailer…”

    Love him or hate him, he’s in your brain – and that’s exactly what the makers of Mighty Cruddy, Rhino Hook, Kaboom!, etc., want. They want him ricocheting-around your skull, playing games with all the areas of your mind…slowly selling you **** you don’t even need.


  10. You’d think people would know better than to try to use this on an un-prepared surface.

    You know how you need to sand a surface before you paint it? Well, this is the same thing.

  11. I was wondering how the “old broken bird bath that needed some love”saga ends. I lost my ‘mighty-putty’ instructions and tried it on a plastic piece that snapped inside of the plastic stem of my plastic kitchen sink faucet where it connects to the plastic base. Not much love or luck as it quickly fell with a plastic thud into the sink, sending a geyser that tickled my ceiling and papered my wall. I’m hoping that it is merely an application error since I can’t afford to replace the fixture just yet. I have the ‘putty’. I also have deep appreciation for my life expectancy, which my girlfriend has threatened to sincerely shorten if she has to continue to use the bathroom to do dishes, fill the coffee pot and the like. Any helpful tips or hints would be appreciated!

  12. This is the same putty you can buy at any home improvement store for less than half the price. Yes, it even comes in the niftry tube and it is a long chunk you knead and it smells *awful*. Jeez-don’t pay for all those infomercials and save half your money.

  13. Put me down in the category of “Didn’t Work For Me” The stuff I got was pretty dry, and kneading it to any workable consistency was difficult.

  14. Well, I have the SAME lamp!!! and it broke right at the exact same spot! Thankfully mighty putty was there for me. I actually got it about a week after I ordered. Honestly, you can now get it at home depot/lowes I believe. I KNOW they sell it at wholesale stores like costco, BJ’s and Sam’s Club (I bought some at sam’s, and have seen it at bj’s and costco). Wow, talk about deja vu!

  15. I have nothing but great things to say about mighty putty! I got it at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $9.99 a box.. let me tell you it works on everything I have used it for so far. I had a custom closet with hanging hooks that ripped out of the plaster wall (hung too many heavy things on it) Despite the 4 inch nails, “gorilla glue” “liquid nails” and other assorted “surefire” glues out there nothing kept that thing on the wall. I filled the holes with the mighty putty, the back of the laminate piece that held the hooks and stuck it to the wall. The next day I gave it a good tug and voila! That sucker isn’t going to fall down ever again! I have hung everything on it and it’s still going strong 8 months later. I had a broken wooden gate & the wood was split where the handle was attached. Nails were not helping. I used the MP to repair the wood splits and make the gate strong and it worked! Next up a figurine I’d knocked to the floor and the little arm broke off. Household cement did nothing. Neither did super glue. MP to the rescue… this time it took a little more finesse, but it made the repair and the figurine is as good as new. I also used it to repair some damage to a rusted metal rail — after breaking off the rusted parts (which fell off when slightly touched) I sanded the rest of the metal. I worked ropes of the MP along the edges and reformed the rest of the rail that had rusted off and it has worked! So count me as a happy camper of this product.

    So that’s been my experience with mighty putty.

  16. Mighty Putty works great for things that have some space to be filled in the area to be repaired or if you need to glue and patch. If you have something where the pieces need to rest close together I recommend Weld-Bond which looks like Elmers but will also glue nonporous surfaces.

  17. So, on the telly they show the product mixing to an overall white color – mine turned pale green. I have yet to determine if it worked. We shall see.

  18. I had a tiny chip in the sink edge of my granite countertop. It wasn’t really visible, unless you knew to look for it, but the roughness really annoyed me. I colored some still pliable putty with Sharpie ink and kneaded that in so that it would be gray rather than bright white when it dried, then filled the chip with Mighty Putty, sanded it, and then colored the cured putty with brown and black Sharpies to match the granite. It has held up for years now, makes the chip entirely invisible, and it feels fine too–not exactly like the granite, but smooth enough that I never even think about it anymore. Beats whatever fortune it would have cost to fix it professionally!

  19. Everything I have used this on (and it worked on everything at first try) it all ended up, falling off, or breaking in the same place in less than a year.

  20. This stuff is crap. If Billy Mays wasn’t already dead I’d make a knife out of mighty putty and do the job myself. What a bunch of garbage. I spent money on this crap and it doesn’t work for anything!

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