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It is almost that time right.  Or is it that time already.  Whatever.  You know what I’m saying.  Gardeners are dusting off their pots, cleaning up the mess from the year before.  Isn’t it funny how you can’t simply dump out that potted plant that fried in the heat that one day because you put it out there and then didn’t water it… and it died.  But you left it in there, thinking if you watered it enough it would come back.  But it didn’t.  It died.  In a pot.  That is still in the garage.

You left it there.

All season long, hell… two seasons.  Now you need that pot because you have 1800 ideas of things you could plant in it.  So now you have to pick up the pieces of last year’s failed attempts and the aftermath of the harvests.

I know I don’t speak for everyone, as there are avid 4 season gardeners out there – and to you folks… hear, hear.  Your better than we are – at the moment.  We have plans of doing some stuff year round (staggering different planting through-out), but for now its a chore getting everything ready for the next year.

But we started it.

We actually got some stuff planted to.  It might be a weird time to do it – but we put some garlic and onions down.  We are doing some of our garden in wine barrels and we can move them in and out of our new “sun room”… so we thinking we can get a jump on some of it with that room being available to us now.

Here is a pic of the Garlic & Onions in the wine barrel.  I mean you can’t tell we really did anything but take a picture of a barrel full of dirt… but trust us, they are in there.  We checked twice (inside joke).

garlic and onions planted in a wine barrel.

Shala trimmed back the Hibiscus we had last season – and its coming back strong.

Hibiscus trimmed back

We also repotted the Sago Palm that Shala got last year.  It had a pot to go in, it was way to big for what it was in… yet we left it most of summer, all of fall & all of winter until we finally repotted.  It looks good though.

Sago Palm (Potted)

As you can see, things are starting to come together.  We have ordered some seeds, still need to order some more and then we are going to figure out where to put it all.  We will keep you up to date of course as we plan to share even more this year.  Expect to see walk-thru(s), how to(s) and everything else you can think of related to Gardening.

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