Eating In: BBQ Ribs, Beans, Potatoes, Salad & Cornbread (Day 6)

Ok… so if you saw our last post, and thought we must be some Southern food junkies, your right.  This one probably tops it even more-so in southern-icity.  I just made that word up.  Thanks.

BBQ Ribs Pictures

This meal is meant to replace a big meal at an eating joint.  Eating joint?  Did I just revert back to the 50’s or something.  Not sure where that came from.  We are suckers for going out to eat (that is why we are doing an intervention on ourselves) on the weekends.  We work hard all week and because of marketing in our lovely USA… we think that the reward is going out to eat to spend that hard earned money on FOOD!  They totally brainwashed us at some point in our lives.  So we knew the weekends were going to be the hardest and so we planned a big meal for the weekend.  It just so happened to be BBQ pork ribs. (go figure, since this is a gardening and BBQ blog).

We also put on some Opa’s sausage (jalapeno & cheese) & armadillo eggs (you seriously haven’t seen our recipe/how-to?) since we had the fire going.  We actually thew some Opa’s on the grill for lunch, wrapped them in wheat tortillas and had a few armadillo eggs as well.  Nice 3$ lunch.

Opa Sausage Fredrickburg (pictures)

Shala had put on a pot of beans when I put on the pork ribs (view the walk-through), I’m not a bean person – but Shala loves them and they will last a few meals this next week for her.  SUPER CHEAP of course.  Anyone who is familar with this merky water will know what’s in the picture below…

Pot of Beans Pictures

And what good is a pot of beans without some cornbread eh?  Nothing… apparently.  Like I said, not a bean guy – so I wouldn’t have a clue how to eat them.  Everyone around here (Texas) eats them on top of cornbread crumbled up.  We love cornbread and for some reason we didn’t really make it all that often – but we have changed that recently.  Cornbread is cheap and with some butter… oh man.

Cornbread pictures

Since we are an equal opportunity lender, Shala got beans… I get a side to make it even – potatoes.  I love fried potatoes, with onions, garlic – bacon… cheese.  Yeah, I eat it mostly because it is so healthy.  I’m all about health.  Fried health.  Speaking of health, we picked a fresh salad from the Aerogarden – once again, the aerogarden is kicking butt and the salads are awesome.

Salad Greens from Aerogarden Pro200

Tomorrow will put us at 1 week without the monster we call eating out (or fast food).  We planned out our week while eating dinner tonight.  We have so many leftover ribs – so that will be peppered in throughout the menu.  $12.30 for the ribs (13 ribs on the rack – so $1 each is fine).  We ate a total of 3 ribs, so $3 in ribs, 1 potato ($.20), beans ($1 – but probably two more meals out of it), salad (free), sausage ($2.99 – we actually ate it at lunch and saved the ones from dinner for lunches… so we aren’t going to count it in this total), armadillo eggs – $2.  So our total… $6.20

Not bad.  Considering if we went to Outback or something like that locally – it would have set us back $50 easily.  One week almost done with… bring it on!

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  1. I love, love, love cornbread! And I discovered recently that the Bob’s Red Mill organic, coarsely-ground cornmeal that’s sold at HEB is much, much better! It has a better flavor, texture, and quite a bit higher nutritional value overall than standard cornmeal. Try a bag and I’ll bet you’ll agree!

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