Eating In: Green Chili Casserole w/Recipe (Day 9)

We are 9 days in now.

Figured we would have jumped ship by now huh?  Thanks.  Thanks for believing in us.  We will remember that.

This meal is probably one of the easiest we make.  The funny thing is, we like it a lot – and its sooooo simple.  Really.  If you can open a few cans… brown some meat… press some buttons… you got this one.  Not only easy – quick & cheap too.  Quite the combo.

Green Chili Casserole

Your thinking… DUDE… spill the beans already, what is it?  Green chili casserole.  Here is the whole menu…

Green Chili Casserole

Corn Chips


2 Beers (total… not each)

Simple eh?  And good.  We will go ahead and give you the recipe for the green chili casserole while we are at it.

Green Chili Casserole

1lb Ground Beef

1 can of cream of mushroom

1 can of cream of chicken

corn tortillas

1 small can of diced green chilis

Instructions: Brown ground beef in a pan.  After ground beef is done, add all your cans (cream of mushroom, cream of chicken & diced green chilis).  Stir all ingredients until mixed up well.  Grab a 9×9 oven-safe casserole dish and grease it (pam, whatever).  Make a layer of the beef mixture on the bottom and cover it with corn tortillas (might take 4).  They can overlap… no problem.  Make another layer the beef mixture, then another layer of tortillas.  After that – one more layer on top of the beef (use the rest).  Your oven should be preheated to 350, and place your casserole in for 20 minutes.  Top with grated cheese and let bake for 5 more minutes – then pull from the oven.

Home Made Chips 

Sweet huh?  And the left-overs are killer.  We cut up the remainder of the corn torts into triangles and fried them up for chips.  Oh yeah, guacamole too.  Made from scratch.  2 alvacados, some cilantro, some green onion… diced tomatoes, diced jalapeno & lime juice from half a lime.  Salt, pepper & garlic to your own taste.  We like cilantro so much – we always put a lil extra in.  Save the alvacado seeds and throw them in the bowl of guac – it will help keep it fresh.  Then tear that stuff up!


Figure we paid about 5-6 bucks total for this meal.  Not bad considering we could likely eat it 2 more times this week with the left-overs.  So if you break it down even into just 2 meals – thats 2-3 bucks per meal.  Cha-ching!

How is your personal quest for fast food independence?  We were talking tonight and said we should have called this Fast Food Rehab.  Hindsight right?  Oh well.  What did you eat last night?  Did you fall victim to the monster?  Hop back on the wagon, we have room.

9 thoughts on “Eating In: Green Chili Casserole w/Recipe (Day 9)”

  1. I have been so good, unless you count my Starbucks. But I didnt pay for it, so Im saying im still in the green.

    Im going to do the whole run up on Sunday. Thought we would take it one week at at time.

  2. @mama’s losin it – welcome, long time no type. It IS GOOD!

    @Laura – glad we could help – let us know how it turns out.

    @Anita – hey… like I said, you make your own rules, and if your not paying… sounds fair to us. We don’t think drinks count. We grab a big tea on the weekend from places sometimes. Gardening is hard work!

  3. We make something similar, but we swore off the canned cream soups a LONG time ago. Ever read the ingredients label on those?

    Instead, we make our own cream sauces in about 5 minutes (really!). Just make a roux of equal parts melted butter and flour, then add cream or milk. Cook over medium heat until it thickens into a gravy, which you can then season anyway you like. To replace the tantalizing flavors of chicken & mushroom, we saute mushrooms in the butter before adding the flour & use a concentrated chicken broth for about 1/3 of the liquid.

    For this casserole, we also stir in sour cream.

    YAY for eating in! You not only save money, but you’re generally eating far better stuff that you would if you ate out anyway.

  4. @FoodRenegade – Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the great tips. We will have to try that next time. Seems cheaper and pretty easy.

    And yes… “YAY for eating in!” – we totally agree!

  5. @ghost – steal it. lend it. eat it. yeah… and definitely hook it up. And I can’t take credit… shala made this one and brought it into the relationship.

    @deb – dedication is our middle name. Kinda.

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