Eating In: Pork Chops, Taters & Okra (Day 16)

It is getting harder folks.  We can’t lie.  Shala has been craving Taco Villa & Rosas like she’s pregnant – and I just want some wings.  But, we never said it was going to be easy… did we?

Yesterday was Day 16 of the Eating In Challenge.  Or Fast Food Rehab, as we like to call it.  Because that is what it is.  We have been just making it this week – chicken nuggets, french fries (from the house of course) and sandwiches.  Which is fine, but we needed a big “down home” meal to really get us fired up again.  So that is when you break out the Pork Chops right?  Yup.

Pork Chop, Taters & Okra - oh yeah and cornbread!

Let’s recap the menu real quick…

Pork Chops

Fried Potatoes (w/ bacon & green onions)

Fried Okra



Pretty simple, and heavily fried.  Sorry vegetarians.  Other than salad, not much you would be smiling about.  Maybe next meal… or maybe not.  This meal was great if you need a pick me up type of meal.  Pork Chops are pretty cheap, I think these were only 3 bucks or so (we had 4, 2 of them saved for today’s lunch).  Pork Chops are the bomb in our house… love them.

The fried taters… well, only used two small ones, we will use what we used before on potatoes – $0.31. We added bacon & some green onions – man they are one of my favorites.  Shala loves them too – and they are super easy.  Thow some oil in a pan, add potatoes, green onions & bacon – fry them up.  Simple eh?  Can’t beat the price either.

Fried Potatoes

Fried okra – the best $0.90 ever spent.  That’s all I have to say.

Fried Okra

Cornbread mix was 2 for a dollar – we used one… so we will give it a hefty price tag of $0.50.  Nice. 


Of course our salads were from the AeroGarden (w/ some sliced tomatoes) – I would say about $0.20 worth of tomoatoes.  These salads are so good, I can’t explain it to you.  If you aren’t on the AeroGarden bandwagon yet… get on it.

Salad (from AeroGarden

So grand total for this meal…


Can I get an amen on this one! Great meal for the price and cooked at home… can’t complain about that.  What did you have for dinner last night?  Anything we should steal the recipe for?

5 thoughts on “Eating In: Pork Chops, Taters & Okra (Day 16)”

  1. Ok, you’re making me very, very hungry, dude!

    I was thinking that I posted a note in the comments on one of your posts about Bob’s Red Mill coarsely-ground cornmeal that I discovered at HEB. But in case I’m imagining things…

    The Bob’s Red Mill coarsely-ground cornmeal wipes the floor with mixes and will even kick up homemade cornbread a few notches beyond what you’ve had before. It has a great texture and much more flavor than regular cornmeal and much more fiber, protein, and all that other nutritional hoo-ha.

    You’ve already gone to the trouble to make everything else from scratch. Now you need to bust loose on some from-scratch cornbread!

    By the way, since I’m trying to do whatever I can to go lower-carb, higher-protein, when I make cornbread (or nearly any baked goods) I substitute about 1/2 cup of that same brand (Bob’s Red Mill) of soy flour for part of the regular (wheat) flour that’s called for. Doesn’t affect the taste or texture appreciably, but it rackets up the protein a bit more.

  2. @Rob – yeah you told us… haven’t been back yet to check it out though. We will soon enough.

    @deb – the freezer section of course. 😉 haha

  3. As far as Rosas goes why not buy a can of diced potatoes and throw in with your hamburger meat and its the next best thing to Taco Tuesdays. You can make homemade shells using corn tortillas if you have a pair of tongs to keep it in shape when you fry it.

    And wings, get you some of those TGI Fridays kind in the freezer section and call it a night. Or bake you up some wings until they are nice and crispy and put some Franks Red Hot on it. Good to go.

    Wait, cant you buy the Buffalo Wild Wing Sauce? it counts as eating in if you bake the wings.

    I need to work my post for last week up. I intended to post on Sundays. Ooops. Were still going strong at home. I would shoot one of those cows in the face for some Chik Fil A right now. Its no ones business, its between me and the cow.

  4. @anita – yeah we are familar with taco Tuesday… but Shala I think if fiending for fajitas and such. No biggie – just a habit. Same with wings, just a habit. We actually have a recipe for the sauce I love from there… just never have done it.

    Don’t bring up Chik-fil-a to Shala… people will likely die. Not just cows.

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