Eating In: Tilapia, Edamame & Broccoli (Day 2)

My Mom may need CPR.  She read that title and looked to make sure she was on the right website. 

You read it right Mom… Fish (and not friend catfish), Baby Soybeans and Broccoli…

Eating In: Tilapia Edamame Broccoli Pictures

Can I be ungrounded now?

Here’s the menu…

Pan Seared Lemon Tilapia


Broccoli & Cheese

Long Meadow Ranch Sauvignon Blanc (Bought @ Wine Rack in Midland, TX)

On a serious note, we do like Tilapia if we HAVE to choose a fish – and at HEB you can pick up some that are already seasoned/marinated.  So we do that simply because it is easier, for not much more than what it costs anyhow.

Shala picked up some Edamame one time and talked me into trying them.  You must understand I ate nothing but meat, bread, cheese and french fries for probably 5 years straight after leaving home, and even long after Shala & I got married.  She has slowly talked me into trying things again, and guess what… I’m not 4 years old anymore.  Edamame was one of the things and I kinda dig them now.

Edamame Pictures

Broccoli & Cheese was the last side, and pretty simple there – but once again…  it is a hue that I haven’t been the best of friends with. 

Broccoli & Cheese Pictures

Not a bad meal, not our favorite – but cheap… oh yeah.  The fish fillets were 3.50 (2 fillets), we had the Edamame from a while back frozen (so we call that free), .75$ worth of broccoli (half the bag – bag costs 1.47).  We did open a bottle of wine, but we bought a re-cork-er (I just wanted to use parentheses again and re-cork-er is almost a palindrome), so we re-corked the second half – a 7 dollar bottle, drank half a bottle.  Total: $7.75

What did you have for dinner?  Still on track?  Anyone else on board?  Talk to us, let us know – inspire others.

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