Ethel Gloves & Our First Video Blog (Vlog)

So yeah… we apologize in advance for this video.  I promise we will get better as we do it more.  I (James) used to do a lot of video editing, but it has been forever and honestly – I’m rusty.  So add that to the fact that my laptop was being a pain the asscrack last night… you get what you get.

The whole point of this is to show you the awesome package we got in the mail this week from Ethel Gloves.  You will remember they kicked off our National Gardening Month Give-aways last week and they also sent us a care package with some goodies.  But let’s let the video do the talking since it took like 900 hours to create last night!  Sorry for the quality and bad editing job… seriously, it will get better.  Enjoy!

Oh yeah… and if you haven’t – get you some Ethel Gloves!  Use discount code DOUBLEDANGER to get 10% off!

Ethel Gloves (new) from James Cross on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Ethel Gloves & Our First Video Blog (Vlog)”

  1. @Michael Nolan – sadly they didn’t have my size. My size… short fat. haha I try to stay off camera, and let my beautiful wife get the face time. Her part 3 min. Mine… 900 hours of editing. Geeze.

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