Finally Composting

My partner in crime is out of commission until Saturday.  Believe me I am as sad as all of you.  He is better at posting regularly and he is funnier, but you all are stuck with me, so get over it and enjoy my posts.

Now down to business.

We finally got a composter this past weekend!  Our friend Amy over at Garden-of-Eatin’ (love the name and the blog) had posted about a composter that she bought at Costco which is the equivalent to our Wal Mart, so I had to check to see if our store had one.  I have been looking online for one for awhile but if I could just pick one up that would be so much better.  Obviously we found one and I have to agree with Amy on her comments about it.  While it isn’t the best composter in the world, it is huge and does the job just fine.

Ours is about half way full of grass clippings, shreadded paper, leaves and other random things from around the garden.  We have been saving things along the way so that we would have something to compost once we got the composter.

I haven’t taken the temperature yet but when I opened the lid yesterday I did feel a gust of warm air.  I don’t see how it couldn’t be hot since everything else in this part of the world is suffering from heat exhaustion.

We have a nice little cubby to keep the composter right in the garden that is completely out of site from our patio, which is nice.  Nobody wants to talk about or see your rotting left overs while having a nice meal.


Won’t be long and we will be spreading a nice dose of love all over our little veggie plants.  They will be so happy!

6 thoughts on “Finally Composting”

  1. I think this is the first thing I’ve ever influenced anyone to buy. LOL Yay!

    You’re one on me though – you put yours on a level surface. Mine isn’t and it’s all wonky, one corner came undone and with it half full I can’t fix it. Doh!

  2. Philip – It’s a pretty good deal. I would recommend getting one!

    Amy – Thanks so much for posting about your composter. You really helped me out.

    Deb – I’m scared that it is too hot in there for worms. Do you think that it would be ok?

  3. The worms move away from the heat. The compost is usually hotter in the center. If it gets too warm in the middle, they just move up, down, or sideways. Two of my sisters have worms in black plastic containers and they do just fine.

  4. Congrats on your composter! We have a small black one
    in a hidden corner of our yard next to our rain barrel.
    We got it for free many years ago through our county.
    We also have two open bins/piles that we use for most of our composting.

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