Garden Blogger Bloom Day (Our First One Ever)

Our first time participating in the Garden Blogger Bloom Day (GBBD).  So bear with us… we have got some nice blooms we wanted to share – so what better way to do it!

Lets get on with it…

Tomato (Pomodoro)

Everyone’s favorite thing to see, besides a tomato itself.  The blooms. 

Mexican Fire Bush

Mexican Fire (Anisacanthus quadrifidus) – in bloom.  So awesome.

Carlos Lantana

Can’t remember the make & model of this Lantana – but one of the ones we bought this year was Carlos Lantana.  We had to buy it.

Blue Daze Evolvulus

This is a new addition, its in a hanging basket – a Blue Daze Evolvulus in full bloom.

Oleander in Bloom

Our huge Oleander is in bloom.  Very bright and it contrasts so much against its green foliage.

Vinca in bloom.

We picked up some Vincas to help add some color to the garden. They do just that.

So there you have it… all the blooms we have to offer.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see your blooms.  Wait… that sounded dirty.  You know what we mean.

4 thoughts on “Garden Blogger Bloom Day (Our First One Ever)”

  1. Happy Bloom Day! I like your blooms (and I mean that in the best way.) I’m guessing from the oleander, that you’re in a warmer location than my Portland, OR garden in zone 8b. I’d love to have white oleander (even if it IS poisonous!)

  2. HA! Carlos Lantana! Aha ha ha ha ha!
    I’m totally cracking up!
    Hey, have I just been missing you guys on Twitter or WHAT? I guess my timing is all off this week. Boo. Miss ya’ll!

  3. You have some very vibrant and colorful flowers happening in your garden. I love the blue evolvulus. And the oleander is a showstopper. Cheers!

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