Garden Giveaway #10: $50 Gift Certificate to Annie’s Annuals

Everyone is pumped up for this one I’m sure.  All you West Coast-ers.  All of you guys that actually got to go to the Spring Party @ Annie’s Annuals & Perennials this past weekend.  We hate you by the way.  We hate that you have such easy access to Annie’s and we have to go to these obscure boring garden centers that are basically Lowe’s minus the hardware.  This is jealousy talking – pure, sweet, unedited – jealousy.

Annie's Annuals AWESOMENESS

More Annie's Annuals Awesome-ness

We have always kind of stalked Annie’s Annuals online – that might sound weird but it is true.  Such vibrant colors, everyone talks about it – how could you not get mesmerized by what they have to offer (seriously, look at their slideshows if you don’t think so).  It is in California, which doesn’t make it somewhere we can just drop by on a weekend.  Can you guys start a “branch” in Texas?!?!  Maybe call it Double Danger’s Delights or something?  We will run it.  And trust us… when it is time to pay us, I’m sure we would be in debt via plant purchases – so it would work out.  I’m sure.  Seriously… call us, we will talk.  Text us.  Email.  Big-fat-old-timey-cell-phone us.  Whatever it takes.  We are waiting.

Sorry you had to see that.  It was embarrassing.  Please forgive.  Maybe a $50 gift certificate to the coolest nursery on the West Coast (anyone want to argue?).  I totally used two forms of ending punctuation there – and I’m leaving it.  Deal w/ it. 

Usually money (or in this case gift certificates) seems to help anyone to get going – no matter what hobby/interest it is applied to.  In this case, it is plants… loads and loads of plants to choose from that could get anyone pumped up about gardening.  That is why we are so excited about this one.  Of course all you long time gardeners (especially from the West Coast) have known and loved Annie’s Annuals for a while now… but a new gardener might not know their ass from their elbow when it comes to where to buy plants.  With 50 bucks from Annie’s Annuals, even if they are not from the West Coast – they could pick some neat stuff and have it shipped… for zero dollars out of their own pocket.  How’s that for motivating a n00b?

I beg you to win this and give it to us though.  That would be the sweetest thing you could do.  We need motivation (**sly grin**).  In fact, I’m dreaming up aliases for Shala to use in order to win this one… so if you see Shannon O’Shay or Billy Madison on the list of comments… call us out.  Because… cheaters never win.  🙂  Seriously though – this is one that we wish we could be eligible for, but we will leave it for you guys to use & abuse at your leisure.  Just think of us when you get your awesome plants and we are sitting here w/ cactus and grass.  BoooOooOo.

Ok – you should know the drill by now – leave a comment below (ON THIS POST) and you are entered to win.  We will let this one run for today – and pull a winner in the morning.  That simple.  We keep it simple around here – because it is easier.  Thanks for entering all the contests so far – it has been so much fun surprising folks w/ their winnings.  It has been a blast to be able to do this for the new folks and the old folks… wait… sorry… didn’t meant to call you old folks… umm… for the already enthused gardeners.  There we go.  Help spread the word if you would.  Everyone has done such an awesome job backing us on Twitter & Facebook – let’s see how it changes today.  Everyone will be keeping quiet, so as not to lower their chances of winning.  haha  I know you guys all too well.  Thanks to Annie’s Annuals for the garden giveaway love, and support on Twitter & Facebook.  We are so glad we finally quit stalking and started talking.  Good luck & good gardening!

UPDATE: WOW!  Since we have had such a great response to this giveaway, Annie’s Annuals has decided to create a coupon code for everyone here at Double Danger!  ***clap clap***  So win or lose (we are all winner now eh?) you can use the coupon code: DANGER10 until the end of April to gain 10% off your order!  How cool is that!  Thanks Annie’s Annuals!  Now go run and take advantage of it… oh wait, you are probably going to try and win first huh… cheaters.  😉

136 thoughts on “Garden Giveaway #10: $50 Gift Certificate to Annie’s Annuals”

  1. Gardenergal (Teresa Cansell)

    Okay, please don’t make me say it again. I’m still holding my index finger and thumb in the shape of an L on my forehead. Why don’t we ever see people holding up 3 fingers on the same hand to make a W??? Anyway, I’d really, really like to win this. I went to the website and already found 3 things I’d like to get, and getting stuff free is a big deal… a really big deal !!!!

  2. Thanks for telling us about this on Facebook Chris! It would really come in handy right now as we have a whole new ranch that needs beautiful plants.

  3. ME ME ME! Pick ME!

    I love Annie’s Annuals and I need lots more stuff to go with all the stuff I already have. Why? Because too much is never enough!

  4. We’re redoing the backyard and I was looking through the latest Annie’s catalog last night & having a VERY hard time making decisions based on our budget…this would be awesome! You’d be contributing to making our yard look a ton better you know. 🙂

  5. I have 2 toddlers that would love some new plants to play with. We are having so much fun in the yard this year!!! Pick us pretty please.

  6. Whoa Ho! This would certainly give my garden a bit of a perk up! Plus…I’m near Annie’s and could savor the shopping…walk the aisles, ponder the choices. This puts me at the top of the list, yes?

  7. Stephanie 'Reno' Martin

    Annie’s is awesome and I think they need a branch in Denver, CO! Elayne positively ROCKS!

  8. I can actually walk to Annie’s. I have a huge new yard & garden that I am filling up with trees & flowers. Rita Xavier

  9. Ohhhh, me…me…me. I am trying, desperately, to re hab my Texas garden after all of our freezes this past winter. Without unlimited funds it is slow and frustrating. So many lovely plants. So little time.

  10. I DO live in California, but still too far to visit Annie’s **sob** but if I win a gift certificate I just might have to take a road trip!

  11. Oh! Pick me, please! I am itching to get the Aunt Brownie fig from yesterday’s slide show – what a glorious plant! And there are several salvia I have my eye on 🙂

  12. pick me…I want some of CA in my RI garden….I love all the unique plants on the website….

  13. We love Annies! Have already broken the budget this year on our little coastal natives/wildlife meadow garden. In fact, I was out in yesterdays rain planting meadow foam and clarkia from Annies!
    Would much appreciatethe gc- the bees, birds and other critters will thank you too!

  14. Well…I must admit I’m a little nervous about entering your fabulous giveaway – mainly because I’m one of the people you hate. yep – I went to the party (and even wrote a post about it) so I’m pretty sure you’ll hit the ‘ol delete key when you see my name come up. But, just in case you don’t – here’s hoping (against all odds) that I win!! 😉

    Does it help that it was really cold on Saturday? And that it poured rain at the party all day yesterday? Help a little at least??

  15. Awesome! Thanks for the chance at this, @AnniesAnnuals and Double danger!!! I keep telling Annie that she’s in the wrong Richmond! 🙂

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