Garden Update w/ Pictures of Potato Babies & Lime Tree Blooms

After 3 days of rain and cold weather last week we are now back up in the high 70s low 80s this week.  The weather will probably be like that all month.  I will accept the cold as long as it brings rain with it.

The potatoes are loving it and had a major growth spurt while we were gone for the weekend.

Potato Plant

Potato Plant

I’m still not sure that we got them planted early enough, but maybe we will get a couple of potatoes out of them anyway.

Two weekends ago we decided it was time for some new soil for the lime tree along with some organic citrus tree fertilizer.  It is now full of blooms and we are babying it big time in hopes that we get some limes from it this year.

Lime Tree Blooms

We are really anxious for the blooms to open.  They are so pretty and smell wonderful!

Spring is definitely upon us and we couldn’t be happier.  We paid $3.99 for a package of cherry tomatoes at the store this week and they were pretty bad quality.  That made us really excited to start harvesting some of our own!

2 thoughts on “Garden Update w/ Pictures of Potato Babies & Lime Tree Blooms”

  1. I was wondering about how well you guys thought tomatoes would fair on our patio? That’s just about the only thing I think I can grow . I used to help my dad with his tomatoes when I was little, and honestly cant remember him every growing anything else..

    we have a bit of dirt on the patio that is intended to use as a garden I suppose because the gap is to big from the fence to be where they intended the patio to end. At least that’s what I am thinking. Last year I tried to grow flowers but always forgot about them and they died. It doesn’t get constant sunlight but during the mid day it does get that harsh straight on sun.

    Anyway, just wanted to get advise from you guys before I went out and bought a couple of plants.

  2. Anita – James and I talked about this and we think that it might be better to do a container garden. I’m thinking that that soil probably isn’t too good right there, not providing many nutrients or proper drainage when you water. Plus if you have a container you can move it around to get the best sunlight. You can get a nice plastic container for very little money and fill it with soil that you know will be good for your plants. If you get a nice sized one you could probably fit two or three plants in it.

    If you decide to do this let us know and we will give you a couple of plants. We have a TON that we started from seed and are wanting to give away to good homes instead of killing them. You can have a choice of a couple. We have a few varieties of slicing tomatoes and some cherry tomatoes. That would cut down on your cost and help us get some of these plants out of our sunroom! Plus you will know that your plants have been grown organically from seed.

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