Garden Updates

We both made it back from our weekend trips and both had a wonderful time.  It is good to be home and getting some rest.  We played way too hard and could’ve used another day off to rest and recoup!

It rained all weekend while we were away so we can home to a beautiful garden that had some suprises for us.

Bell Pepper Plant

Our first bell pepper!  This little guy just has not been producing anything and I was very dissappointed because I LOVE bell peppers.  We were really excited to see a little tiny green pepper before we left but I didn’t get my hopes up because we had seen that before and they fell off.  Imagine my excitement when I saw this!  I can’t believe how much it grew over the weekend.

Santiago Hybrid Pepper Plant

There have been a lot of peppers on the Santiago Hybrid plant for awhile but this was the first one to turn red.  It will be picked when we get home.  The spots are just pieces of mulch and dirt that were splashed around during the rain.

Hot Portugal Pepper Plant 

This Hot Portugal plant puts out more peppers than any other plant.  I like how they curve around and no two look alike.  James says that these have to turn red before we pick them.  I think that he is trying to burn my mouth off!

Celebrity Tomato Plant 

Lots of Celebrity Tomatoes on the plant, but no ripe ones yet.  You can see that the two big ones have cracked a bit.  I think this is due to our really dry weather turning into really wet weather in the past week or so.  I’m hoping that they turn red soon, I can’t wait to get a taste.  The bottom limbs were staying pretty brown and haggered looking so we cut them off and the entire plant seems to be doing better.

Squash Plant

The squash plants continue to grow and look healthy.  They are producing quiet a bit these days but not more than we can eat.   However there are a ton of baby squash on the plants so family and friends get ready for some squash!

Green Bean Plant

Last but not least our brand new baby green bean plants.  Don’t worry, we do realize that those tiny teepees aren’t doing much.  James put those over the sprouts so that our damn darling dog didn’t jump the fence directly on the babies.   We have much better bamboo supports that will take the place of these tiny things in the near future.  From the looks of this picture I need to get out and dig some nut grass!

We are having some great weather in our part of Texas and it is actually cool enough to do some deweeding and other work in the garden.  It is really a nice break from the heat that we have been having.  I hope that this is the start to a nice pleasant fall!

2 thoughts on “Garden Updates”

  1. My mother used to grow a long pointed pepper. I wonder if it was the same as yours. I remember that they were hot, they would turn red, and I ate them green and small before they got too warm. She could save the seeds to grow the next year.

  2. The rain here in Texas has really helped my garden. It looks like there is going to be a lot of flooding tonight. Too much too fast.

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