Gardening Danger Dogs

Had the camera out and the dogs were waggin’ their tails in anticipation of a few snapshots.  I couldn’t let them down.  Izzy is at the stage in life where she is past the peeing, pooping and being an overall butthole every minute of her day, so now she is straight up 100 MPH puppy energy!  COME ON DAD… THROW THE BALL, FILL MY WATER BOWL, WASH THAT DISH – TAKE MY PICTURE!!  Mikey is just into humping.  Humping is Mikey’s new black.

Come on... let me in, just for a second.

What a beautiful girl.

Old man Mikey guarding the garden.

You can’t tell me that Mikey doesn’t look like an old man in this picture… looks like he doesn’t have teeth – but he is really just barking.  He can’t stand you to take his picture – because he can’t stand people POINTING THINGS AT HIM!

3 thoughts on “Gardening Danger Dogs”

  1. Maybe Mikey doesn’t like things pointed at him because he used to get flipped the bird when he was younger… but it was funny.

  2. Dang can’t yall see it!! Mikey is the alpha male and is trying to protect his domain…macho macho man mikey!!…haha

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