Gardening Tips: Utilizing More Of Your Soaker Hose

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The more we learn about how water is our most precious natural resource – the more we want to find the best ways to conserve it.  Now we try to do native plants for the most part (I mean seriously, why wouldn’t you want to do that?) – but on the few we will need to water more… we have come up with a great way to utilize a lil bit more of your soaker hose.

What we have started to do is sort of wrap each plants base in the soaker hose.  It is hard to explain without a picture, so let us get to that first…

Utilizing Your Soaker Hose

As you can see in the picture, if you will give the base a nice lil wrap… you get 360 degree watering out of your hose, and you get a foot instead of 4 inches to help distribute that water.

We also like to group our plants so that we can water all of them at the same time.  Which means when you wrap each plant with the soaker hose… you have to do a series of them.  Not a big deal.  Just create a daisy chain (seems like appropriate naming in this circumstance) of sorts.  See below for a picture of this daisy chain method…

Watering Daisy Chain

Pretty cool right?  You can see at the very end, we have it wrapped twice with the slack.  When we add a plant, we just coil that slack backwards until we hit our new plant and then wrap it.

Do you have tips to share with us?  Post it in the comment area or email them to us.  If it saves time, money, effort… pretty much if it makes gardening easy – let us know about it.  And we will do our best to pass on any tips we find useful, because we are cool like that.

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