Growing Herbs From Seeds

When we first got our house and then decided we were going to have a garden – one of the first things we started from seed was our herbs (say it with the H… it is a lot more fun).  I don’t think either one of us really thought we would be able to do it.  Not that it is hard, but just watering and such takes effort – ad we lack that at times… it is true, sorry.

But before long we had little sprouts and before long true leaves and now… ladies & gents… we have full blown herbs.  😉  Below you can check out our pictures of Parsley & Basil.

basil & parsley pictures

The moral of this story… well, don’t doubt your skillset of course.  You will be suprised what you can do when you spend a little time & effort.  As with all gardening, it is amazing to grow something from a little seed into a plant.  So cool.

Is it time for some tomato basil soup yet?  If only we could get some tomatoes going.  Damn tomatoes.

11 thoughts on “Growing Herbs From Seeds”

  1. I’m impressed. I’ve tried and failed to grow things from seed way back when I started gardening, and now I just don’t even try. But you say it’s possible? Maybe next year.

  2. Words to live by…don’t give up. I work for a seed company, but they didn’t hire me for my gardening expertise…I design the catalog! But i’ve learned a lot from these fine people and although I have horrible failures, it’s the small success that make it all worth it. My sad little basil is doing quite well this year. I can’t say the same for my sad little tomatoes, however! I’ll try them both again next year though.

    Keep growing.

  3. @Megan – it is possible… believe it or not. 😉

    @Heidi – So your saying you can hook us up with some free seeds… I think that is what you were saying. haha j/k It definitely takes time & effort, which is so worth it when it is all said and done.

  4. Your basil will go to seed soon enough, and you will have LOTS of seeds for next year!. Mine are coming up all over the tilled spaces in the garden…as well as new parsley.

  5. @Katie – awesome, how do you know it is about to seed? Also… will it continue to grow and such afterwards… I would assume so, but have never grown it.


  6. Hey, I don’t even get free seeds here! LOL But I do get the left-overs up at the farm, which is a nice “perk”. Someone else does the dirty work…so to speak.

  7. I am pretty impressed that you were able to get parsley from seed the first try. That one is not easy, you are more skilled than you give yourself credit.

  8. The basil will send up a spike of flowers that will produce seeds if you don’t snip it off. If you do snip it to use in your kitchen, the plant will put on more stems, but eventually, do let it bloom and seed. Also, try lemon basil…it is hardier and very tasty, and reseeds itself all over the place in your garden.

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