Hibiscus Pictures & A Free Baby Hibiscus

I had decided that we weren’t going to buy any more plants.  We have plenty for now and until we started on the pool project we just didn’t have any room left.

Then James comes along and has an issue with his beloved lime tree.  He doesn’t feel that the pot we planted it in is big enough.  I had the perfect solution, buy a bigger pot for the lime tree which leaves a free pot for that Hibiscus that I have had my eye on for a couple of weeks now!

The Hibiscus is really for more tropical climates, so we knew that we would have to pot it so we could bring it indoors for the winter.  It calls for lots of sun, but for a little shade in the afternoon when the sun is the hottest.  Thanks to my wonderful husband we have a beautiful arbor that lets the Hibiscus get plenty of warm morning sun and shades it really nicely in the heat of the day.

Grape Arbor with Hibiscus beneath it.

We chose this specific plant because there was only one flower that had bloomed and died already and there were a couple that looked like they could bloom any second.   We are both about instant gratification and that is exactly what we got.  Just a few hours after getting it settled into its new home we walked outside to two very beautiful, bright red flowers!

Picture of Hibiscus in Full Bloom.

There was a smaller flower on the top that hadn’t really opened yet, but yesterday morning it began the process.

Hibiscus flower blooming.

By mid afternoon that was a full blown flower and I was so happy with our purchase.  It really adds a pop of color to our mostly green garden.  While I was repotting the plant, I found this tiny little gem.

Picture of baby hibiscus plants.

I’m pretty sure that it is a baby Hibiscus.  It was free and it could be another pretty plant so I potted it in its own pot to see what will happen.  How can you get any better than a free baby Hibiscus?  No reason why it shouldn’t develop into a full blown Hibiscus like the other one, we will now be looking for extras each time we go plant shopping!

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