I Swear We Are Alive, And A Few Plants Are Too

Holy crap you guys, it’s been a week since either one of us blogged!!

Every year we say that we aren’t going to book summer up, we are going to stay at home, enjoy our garden and swimming pool, then summer gets here and our plans go out the window.   Before May even got here we already had every weekend planned with something, leaving the weeks full of yard work and house work that didn’t get done on the weekend.

We are still trying to grow some plants, but people we are reaching triple digits pretty often!  Last week it hit 105 and the plants were feeling every degree.  Talk about droopy!  I can’t remember the last time we had some actual rain and everything outside of our yard is brown.  Brown plants, brown blowing dirt, just yuck.  Chances of rain are in the forecast for the weekend, so please keep your fingers crossed.  We need it badly!

Ok on with the proof that we still have some surviving plants.

Fucia plant picture

I bought a fucia plant last year and it quickly died on us.  We just didn’t have the perfect spot for it at the old house, but I’m thinking that we do this year.  It gets a lot of shade, but just enough sun to keep it happy and I’m keeping it watered like I should (maybe that had something to do with the death last year).

Fucia flower picture

The blooms on this plant just blow me away.  They look fake and even in person seem more like bunched fabric than a flower.

Beefsteak and Ace 55 Tomato Picture

This pot has a Beefsteak tomato, Ace 55 tomato and a marigold to help keep pests away.  These two tomatoes win the award for growing the most and looking the healthiest.  We aren’t seeing any blooms yet, but it won’t be long.  I’m so ready to see that first baby tomato!

The plants in the raised beds don’t seem to be doing as well as the ones in the containers.  They are all not growing as fast, so hopefully they will catch up soon.

Are you all as busy as we are?  Hopefully I will have a chance to visit some blogs today and catch up.  We miss everyone when we are away from blog land.

4 thoughts on “I Swear We Are Alive, And A Few Plants Are Too”

  1. Shala – I think we bloggers put too much pressure on ourselves to add content frequently. I feel guilty if I don’t do it daily, but I don’t always have something to say daily, and when that happens, I probably should take a day off. I can tell you as a reader, it doesn’t bother me a bit when people blog less frequently, so don’t feel guilty about it. Plus, this is spring time, all gardeners are crazy busy now, I think everyone’s slowing down a bit.

  2. You GUYS!!!
    I can’t believe Y’ALL are alive in that heat, much less your plants! Kudos to you for having the moxie to grow beautiful things, even if they get a little brown every once in a while. What’s wrong with brown anyway?

    But I will think wet thoughts and send you an astral rain-dance. I’ve never done one before, so don’t get mad if it doesn’t work.

    But if it rains, you’ll know who to thank!

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