It Is Going To Be A LONG Summer

HOLY HELL IT IS HOT…  Our plants are not very happy.  108 on Wednesday!

Looks like a HOT HOT Summer already.

5 thoughts on “It Is Going To Be A LONG Summer”

  1. OK, you’ve got Austin beat in the dubious distinction of being hot as Hades. I was complaining this morning, but now I see it could be a whole lot worse. Let’s all do a rain dance, shall we? Even some clouds would be welcome!

  2. Deb – Our air conditioner is working overtime and I’m sure that we will pay overtime pay.

    Pam- Clouds would be nice. You do the rain dance there and I will work on one here, maybe working together will create some moisture. Something has got to give, that is for sure!

    Megan – Everything that isn’t in someone’s personal yard is dead. We haven’t had any significant rain in months. If 4 o’clock doesn’t hurry so that I can go home and get in the pool I might be in the same situation.

  3. @Megan – your comment cracked me up and yes, we die a little each day to. Lots of plants are struggling. Good news… we don’t have any 100’s for the next 5 days. Mostly 97-99 range. Bright side?

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