July: Get Your Bloom On…

To easy to show off blooms this month, we have lots of veggie blooms – so why don’t we get to it.

Eggplant Blooming

Above is our eggplant putting off its first bloom, we have never grown eggplant – so this is indeed the first eggplant bloom of our careers.  Thank you… thank you.

Tomato Blooms

We all have these going on right?  TOMATOES!  Actually, didn’t really mean for it, but that’s a Blue Daze Evolvulus.  2 for 1 special. 😉

Cucumber Blooms

These… Cucumbers blooming – lots of males, waiting for the women to show up!  Ants… you will see that ALOT in our pictures.  Damn ants.

Lemon Drop Tree

Here is a shot of our Lemon Drop tree.  It has some weird late blooms coming in, I’m sure they will fall off, BECAUSE WE CAN’T GROW CITRUS EVER.  And it is HOT as HELL in Texas right now.

Watermelon Bloom

That bloom right there is a black diamond watermelon bloom.  Hopefully we can pull off some watermelons this year – things are going good so far.

Sunflower Bloom

Sunflowers… can you really beat them blooms?  I don’t think so…  We will end it with one more shot of our friend the sunflower.

Blooming Sunflower

2 thoughts on “July: Get Your Bloom On…”

  1. @Autumn Belle – it is funny, because you never really think of the flowers of veggies… always the fruit. It is a nice change of pace.

    & yes… the SUNFLOWER RULES!

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