Lime Tree Update w/ Baby Lime Pictures

This past week with all the hail & wind we had in a two day period (Shala talked about it here), our lime tree went from being happy and coming back full force… to hating us for owning it and contemplating death daily.  The wind really took its toll by removing A LOT of leaves and piling them up by our backdoor.  Not to mention that the pot we bought a few weeks back didn’t have drain holes (and I was supposed to create them… procrastination *shakes head*), so the rainfall from the day before did its best to drown the lime tree.  I can say though that my wonderful wife was once again handy as hell and drilled the holes herself while I was out of town.  So handy.

Needless to say we are babying the lime tree back to health and hopefully we can revive it.  If there are any positives, we did find some baby limes starting on the tree this past weekend.  Snapped a few pics, so here ya go…

Baby Lime Pictures (Mexican)

Also snapped a pic of a butterfly taking advantage of the blooms.

Butterflies on Lime Trees

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  1. Your limes look great! Thats a cabbage white butterfly. Watch out if you are growing any cabbage, broccoli or kale. The caterpillars will eat it to nothing.

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