Loving Our Rogue Veggies

Last year we didn’t own the house we live in now and the garden was tended by someone else.  When we finally decided to get the garden going we pulled everything out and tilled it up to start fresh.  As the warmer season is approaching we have noticed a few rogue plants that have popped up without being planted.  Instead of pulling them early on, we let a few of them grow – since we are not of the murdering variety… unless we are talking about ants of course. 😉

So now that our other plants are off and going, we have a few that are out of place, for instance a few tomato plants that popped up over in the pepper & onion quadrant and also some okra popped up where we actually planted our okra.  You can tell they are different okra – a lot healthier.

We transplanted a few tomato plants that were doing the best and put them with the rest of our tomatoes, but we still have 3 more that are getting bigger and bigger with each day.  We have arranged a few to get adopted by Tim & his family, and we plan to move the okra when it gets a little bigger, in line with our other okra.

Our hope that these rebels will get to live another year since they were so stubborn.  Something about the stubburn little plants hits home… perhaps I am a stubborn little plant.  😉

Enjoy some pics of our “Rogue Veggies”…

Roque Tomato Plant

Roque Okra Plant

4 thoughts on “Loving Our Rogue Veggies”

  1. I like to let my volunteer veggies live. This has resulted in several tomato plant failures though. Oh, btw, I tagged you.

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