Make A Difference: Save this puppy!

One of our fellow blogging buddies posted today about a little Australian Shepherd by the name of Speck.  He is one of those dogs that is so ugly that he is cute.  If that makes sense.

This 16 week old little pup is blind unfortunately, but doesn’t seem to care regardless.  He is a happy pup with loads of energy and he is currently located in Houston, TX.

The reason for this post isn’t to just show you how cute the pup is, but to urge anyone that can help Speck by giving him the love and home he deserves.  The current owner does not want him, but this just means that you can come in and save the day.  Ghost said that the current owner would deliver the dog, however depending on location I am sure something would be arranged (since Speck is in Houston at the moment).  If you are interested in saving Speck, leave a comment over on ghost’s blog. 

Click here to visit the blog

Enjoy the pictures of Speck below.

Speck in all his glory.

Speck again - cheesin' it.

5 thoughts on “Make A Difference: Save this puppy!”

  1. I love dogs who are so ugly they’re cute!
    Can I get on my high horse and just say more people should be spaying and neutering? I foster all the time, and I get so overwhelmed by how many unwanted dogs there are, and how many people still plan to breed their animals. Eesh. Just met someone on the street in New Orleans with a pit bull puppy he wanted to breed. We just got all the leftover katrina dogs adopted and accounted for up here in our Oregon shelter, and the problem just keeps coming back. Sorry for the rant. Anyway, sweet looking puppy. Hope he finds a good home.

  2. ghost – no problem man, I hope he gets snatched up.

    Kathy – he is, ugly adorable. Yeah, that works.

    Megan – He definitely is one of those dogs (ugly they’re cute). I agree. We actually are about to spay our lab (6 month old) so we don’t have lil labra-wieners running around. No one would want to give them a home. Thanks for chiming in, I think sometimes people do not look any deeper than an ugly pup. Glad someone is educating the masses.

  3. I am very interested in adopting this puppy. I have a 6 month old Aussie. I love australian shepherds. Currently I am training her to be a therapy dog to injured soldiers. I was looking to add a special needs aussie to my home. I would like to train them to be a therapy dog as well. I have no idea how to get ahold of the people who have him.

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