One Would Think We Already Had A Hurricane

Lots of rain this week.  More rain than we have had all year I’m sure.  That is about how it comes though usually.  So we don’t complain when it does. 

Neither does the garden.

In fact the garden is living it up.  Next week, when the sun comes out… I’m sure we are going to see some things go semi-crazy.  We water pretty regularly, however there is nothing like rain.  Just nothing like it.

The plants are already going nuts in their newly acquired moisture.  We snapped some pics just to show everyone how its going and that we are in fact still gardening (even though it seems as if we don’t post as much anymore).

Half of the garden.

This is the far side of the garden.  Back on the fense you see okra growing on the left and then its hard to tell what is what on the right – but there are 3 tomato plants, 1 bell pepper plant, a banana pepper plant & an anaheim pepper plant.  They all are kind of growing as a team.  We think.   In front there, you see three plants in a line, a fourth is out of the picture – but that is “pepper row”.  Two jalapeno plants on the right, hot portugal next to them and then out of the picture is the santiago hybrid plant.  All growing strong.  In front of those with the bamboo business around it is some green beans that we started late and hope will yeild some goods before its too cold.  We shall see.

Green Beans Growing Pictures

Here is a close up of the beans growing, they just started climbing, so we are excited to see what comes of them.  These are a first for us.  Dont’ mention the nut grass growing amongst them… just don’t ok.  😉

Jalapeno pictures.

Here is a picture of one of our jalapeno plants, booming with jalapenos.  We actually picked about 15 off of it last week, so you can see we are having no problems producing them.

Hot Portugal Peppers Growing

Here is a shot of the hot portugal plant.  A big white dog knocked off one of the main stems, so it is a bit lopsided these days.  However it is still  cranking them out without a problem.  The peppers on there now are about 6-7 inches long.  Pretty cool.  Another cool thing about this one is the fact we grew it from seed.  One of the first plants we planted.  So we are proud parents with this lil dude.

Santiago Hybrid Pepper Plants

Another one of our “from seed” plants, that we are oh so proud of.  This santiago hybrid pepper plant is booming with leaves (probably needed to trim it like two weeks ago) and blooms.  And peppers.  These are good when they turn red – so you can see one getting close – we are expecting great things out of this plant.  Probably 20-30 peppers on there right now – give or take.

Okra Growing Pictures

This is our only okra plant… the big white dog made sure to squash all the others.  So we are kind of pissed because we have to wait so long to get okra to eat.  Oh well.  It is finally putting out pods off of other intersections now, instead of just off the main stalk.  That is good, and you can see there is about 5-6 on there right now… be ready early next week probably.  Next year… we plants TONS of these.

Bell Pepper Growing Pictures

Did we mention we have Bell Peppers?!?!?  Yuppers.  These two guys are close to being pulled, well one of them at least.  We will be planting more of these as well.  Can’t wait to eat one of these guys.

Tomatoes Growing

Our tomatoes are loving life in general – these are actually on a different tomato plant we put in later – we haven’t pulled any off of it yet – so we are excited to see them on there.  Should be eating some of these in the next week or two.

Tomatoes Growing Pictures

This is our other tomato plant which has been producing already – it has a TON on there, and so its leaning, drooping and soaking in all this moisture.  Should have a whole buttload of tomatoes in the coming month.

Yard Growing Because of Rain

Grass is growing good.

Even our yard has gotten into all this rain.  All the gaps, voids are filling in – feels like carpet out there.  Soooo awesome.

Amazon Queen Hibiscus

Even our Amazon Queen that we saved from certain doom is blooming.  Everything is wishing this weather was hanging around I’m sure.  We are happy with it, hope you are getting the rain you need also.

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  1. @ghost – quit trying to start shit about fantasy football. You better save it all for when we face each other.

    @Megan – They are awesome. We are very happy with them. Last year we had some grow up until early Dec. here. It stays warm for a long time. haha Obviously.

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