Our Peppers Just Looked At Each Other And Thew Up A HI-5 – They Are Conceited Like That

They like it when we post about them.  So they HI-5.  It is weird, but effective. 

WE HAVE PEPPERS pokin’ thier lil butts out already.  Actually, we have some that are almost half an inch long. haha SO BIG… haha  Regardless the size, we are happy just to see some action takin’ place in the garden.  Sprouts are cool and all… but seeing some of your first fruits/veggies start to emerge – totally different.

I think the scarier part is that you kind of think the hard work is done after planting, transplanting… all that stuff.  But really, now the real work starts.  Insects, birds… squirrels… diseases… harvesting… trimming… mulching.  It goes on and on.

But – it is also the funnest time to us, to go out and harvest and show off our prizes!  Are we alone?  Everyone loves the harvest most right?  Or is the initial sprouting phases more fun?

If you are a fan of harvesting or emergence… you will respect this next picture.  Our first Jalapeno pepper of the season…

Ladies & Gentlemen… Mucho Nacho…

Mucho Nacho Jalapeno Peppers

Pretty cool huh?  That was Sunday, so it is actually a lil bigger now.  We can’t wait to harvest some peppers!  Crap man!  Hurry up!

Here is a quick bonus picture of our squash plant.  We have 3 plants growing in our 3 Sisters’ Garden (Corn, Bean & Squash).  We kind of violated this one to show you the lil blooms about to start shooting out.  So enjoy…

Squash Plant Pictures

How does your garden grow?  Lots of changes takin’ place at the moment.  We are a little worried about the peppers we planted in the raised bed (the jalapenos are in a barrel), just because they are pale and kinda stunted it seems.  We are worried we overwatered them at the beginning.  Can you imagine killing 15 plants all at once.  Systematically… we hope we are wrong. 

Our tomatoes in pots are getting HUGE.  Just waiting for that first bloom.  COME ON FREAKIN’ TOMATOES!

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  1. @Eva – I will take that as a compliment. And we LOVE your comment. You read just like we write… wait… you… wait… You comment just like… to hell with it. You are cool for saying that. heh

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