Peach Tree is Producing w/ Pictures!

When we moved into our new house almost 6 months ago… (has it been that long?) we took inventory of all the trees and such and one that caught our eye was the peach tree in the backyard.  It was small, not tiny by any means but no more than 2-3 years old.  The previous owners said it had yet to produce peaches, so they were expecting this year it would. 


Sucks for them… cool for us. 🙂

Sure enough after putting out some brilliant blooms this past month or so, the peach tree started spitting out tiny peaches.  These peaches were so tiny before that we couldn’t even shoot them with our budget-based camera, but this past weekend Shala snapped some good pictures of them.

Pictures of Peach Trees Producing Peaches

Shala laughs at me because I call them “Whoo-ville” peaches, since when they are little they look like lil Whoos from the Dr. Seuss books.  I’m clever like that, I know – you want my autograph, get in line.  I will keep coming up with super clever things like this for years to come…  enough already – I’m retarded at best.

If you are looking for tips to care for peaches or peach trees, wondering how to harvest them, how to keep them healthy or just kill insects eating your peaches – stay tuned.  We are planning to do a few tree how-to’s in the near future that will turn any average joe into a green thumbed bandit.  Settle down garden nerds… settle down.

Is it time for peach cobbler yet?

5 thoughts on “Peach Tree is Producing w/ Pictures!”

  1. we had a pear tree in our back yard for years and i never tried one because they were small. they got in the way when i was mowing though. oine day i got curious and bit into one. tasted foul so i cut the tree down.

  2. We planted a peach tree about 4 yrs ago and we haven’t pruned it and dont know how. It got so big this yr and it gave the best peaches ever one of our neibors and us ate a lot of peaches. Everyone said they where the best peaches ever they where so juicy but it got so many peaches on it that most of the branches started to break. We would really like to know how to trim it now it is so big it is taking up the yard and I dont want the branches to break next yr.

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