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Did we mention we had a contest, and you should enter if you haven’t arleady… its easy and you get free stuff… come on! 

We decided to really load up in terms of peppers in the garden this year.  We love peppers and they are kind of cool because there are so many different kinds and they all have their own feel & flavor.

With our peppers finally producing at the moment… we are seeing new stuff left and right (literally, since they are on both sides).  We have pulled a handfull of banana peppers already, we have pulled some small jalapenos as well.  We are waiting for our hot portugals to go red – and we will be yanking some of those too.

Banana Peppers

This past week we had our first bell peppers start to poke their little butts out and so hopefully within a few weeks we will have one or two of those fresh from the garden.  I know that makes Shala happy.  We have two anaheims on the plant we saved from its doom at Ace hardware and our santiago hybrid pepper plant (that was grown from seed) is one of our biggest plants (as far as peppers go). 

Anaheim Pepper Pictures

We have some nice sized jalapenos on our two jalapeno plants finally, was wondering if we were going to be able to pull it off or not. Since mulching this last time… everything has seemed to grow quite a bit.

We are looking for some nice salsa recipes, since we have some onions… we are about to pull some tomatoes for the first time this year and of course we have more peppers than we know what to do with.  Does anyone have some great salsa recipes?  We are from Texas, so we are asking around as well… we have made some in the past – but hell if we can find the recipe we used. haha  Figures.

Here is a recipe for you pepper growers out there… how to make the perfect armadillo eggs.

Deb shared one of her recipes for hot sauce, but I am looking for something for dipping… you know what I’m saying?  Thanks Deb.

If you do, share it already… geeeeez.  Quit being so stingey (did I spell that right?).

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