Peppermint Vinca in Full Bloom

After sharing the flowerbed with our dog Izzy for the last couple months… our Vinca are finally blooming ALL THE TIME and looking healthy again.  We were happy that Izzy has finally decided to quit lounging around in the flowerbed… then this morning I went out to make sure they had water – and Izzy was standing in the flowerbed looking at me.


So maybe the Vinca can make it afterall.  Here is a picture of the Vinca blooming and looking healthy as ever.

Pictures of Vinca Blooming

5 thoughts on “Peppermint Vinca in Full Bloom”

  1. I love vincas. They are hearty and heat tolerant. In the past, mine have been smashed by basketballs and big, clumsy boy feet. They have also been stripped of every single bloom by a crazy, flower-picking little girl.

    P.S. I enjoy reading your “new” blog. All the work ya’ll are doing around the house is inspiring. Love the pics.

  2. Mari – You still read??!? I thought we had ran you off already.

    And don’t call Benny a “flower-picking girl”. 😉

    We are glad you are still coming by.

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