Peppers All In A Row

On Saturday we decided that we did not have enough responsibility when it comes to plants and gardening and we headed out to find some more pepper and tomato plants.  We purchased 3 Jalapeno plants and 2 tomato plants to fill in the gaps here and there.  We eat a TON of jalapenos when we start BBQin’ all the time… so it was something we HAD to do… ya know?

As far as tomatoes… can you ever really have enough?  I don’t think so.  So we added a few varieties to keep it exciting.

So now we have about 6 hot pepper pepper plants getting to that stage where they should be pushin’ peppers out at us at in no time.  MmmmMmMmmm

Check the pic below of what is now called… “Pepper Row”

Pepper Row

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