Pictures While Driving

The safest kind. 😉  Speeding to make sure you keep up with the bus while you fumble with your phone to get it in frame.  Then that little thing called driving – oh yeah… that too.  All comes together for something as cool as this.  “You Are What You Watch” is the campaign – Prison Break is the tv show.  I will not be watching that – if the saying rings true.  I will not be a prisoner trying to get out of the pen.  No thanks.  And no thanks to watching any more Dancing With The Stars, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader or anything else that would turn me into an idiot – for that matter.

You Are What You Watch

My Wife secretly grins and thinks to herself… 

“I wish he would turn into Wentworth Miller from Prison Break.” 

**shakes head**

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