Pictures While Driving: My Car’s Inner Demon

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You have heard me talk about how my car really comes alive when it rains or there has been any kind of moisture.  I have a leak around my windshield and so when it rains it gets in my fusebox and such – leaving my car tripping like a fat kid on strawberry shortcake.  Anyhow, this morning  when I open my car door, I am met with an awesome suprise… yup – it had rained last night… awesome.

So after messing with fuses and finally getting it to start, I had to snap this picture (while driving)…

My Crazy Ass Car.

Bet your car can’t do that eh?  Yup – I had the defroster, the panel, max a/c, vent, automatic temp and the outside temp was… 8 hundred upside-down double-a.  I guess that is celsius & fahrenheit combined… don’t see kelvin though… kinda upset about that.  The whole time, my car is blowing the hottest air out the defroster and cold air out of the vents… that is talent baby!  TALENT!

I just picture my car saying… thanks for leaving me here all week by myself. 

Happy !@#$’n Monday.  Punk.

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