Pictures While Driving/Walking

Another installment… because we love to point out strange things and try to gain fame in the process.  Not really, we just like to show the intranet what life is like through our eyes.  While endangering people on the road while we snap pics. 😉

Watch out if you are in our area.

This first one we snapped while taking a walk this past weekend.  This lil dog head was just laying by the fence.  Sad really.  

Poodle heads... they are the new black.


Just kidding – obviously it was sticking her (I think all poodles are girls?) head out of the fence… but looked funny.

This next one was found while eating… not driving or walking… I just didn’t want to include it in the title.  Sue me.  No don’t. 

#2 Frenchy Fry

 I know you are going… so what is so cool about the #2.  Well that my friends… is a FRENCH FRY!  That is what is so cool about it.  Not only that, but it was the LAST french fry.  Even cooler.

Ok – last one… this one isn’t funny at all.  Actually it is just cool that someone is doing this.  This house is on the way home from work and I drive past it everyday and think… that is cool.  So this time I snapped a picture of it. 

Tomato Alley

Using your alley as a place to grow veggies is a great idea.  These peole are doing it and I admire them for it.  We are about to plant sunflowers in our alley (once it is totally cleaned up) so that we can do our part for the bees.  Did you know our bees are dying?  If not, you will soon enough.  The day we run out of honey… you will know.  You have no clue what all uses honey… but you will soon, if we don’t fix this problem.

5 thoughts on “Pictures While Driving/Walking”

  1. Okay…the dog head freaks me out, but the #2….come on! Isn’t that National Enquirer worthy? There are always people sending in stories about their french toast in the shape of Jesus or something. 🙂

  2. @Heidi – 😉 I knew the dog head would get a few people. If my FF was the shape of Jesus… yes… definitely news worthy.

    @Amy – he wasn’t all that poor really, nice neighborhood and a decent fence to stick his ratty head out of.

    @ckoeler – dude, you totally stopped by. Sadly… I ate the FF soon thereafter.

  3. You sure that\’s a poodle? It looks A LOT, almost exactly in fact, like one of our dogs; she\’s a Maltese. Yeah, still kinda a prissy dog like a poodle, but I love her anyway 🙂

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