Pictures While Eating: Chicken Chimichanga?

So last Friday we were on a whirlwind tour of Lubbock fixing problems and doing a bit of PR with another client in the area.  Afterwards we headed to Mi Tio’s (should have read the link first, would have just drank there instead) to eat a bite before heading back to Midland.  While deciding on what to eat, I saw this gem and had to snap it with my phone.  My apologies for the quality – my phone doesn’t have a flash and it was semi-dark in there… you know, mood lighting for those 4PM diners?!?

Chicken Chimichanga Picture

So to clarify for any of you that are squinting and wondering where the humor is in this ill-shot photo…

Shredded Chicken [Chimichanga]

One flour tortilla filled with shredded beef and topped with cheddar cheese.  Served with sour cream and pico de gallo. $7.99

So the shredded chicken chimichanga is filled with beef?  I’m confused.  The Beef one above says it is filled with beef also… is there a third option maybe?  Fish?  Please.

I ordered the chicken one, and it was not filled with beef – but I didn’t ask for a manager, figured it was a misunderstanding.  I figured it was a fair trade.  Their rep, for my blog material.    It was not topped with cheddar either, unless that cheddar was turned into a milky melted queso sauce.  I ate it anyhow.  I’m fat like that. 😉

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  1. Man I was cracking up when you pointed that out to me when we were trying to decide on what to eat. Copy and paste at its best.

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