Pictures While Eating (Like Driving w/out The Car)

We were catchin’ a bite to eat and a swallow to drink last night at BWW with some friends when Kendra mentioned this guy standing outside IN a flowerbed.   Now this isn’t a huge flowerbed, just a small one with a few different plants in it and this big footed fool was standing right dead center in it.  Not only that… talking on his freakin’ cell phone.  Come on brother… move along.  So we snapped his dumbass picture and put it on the webtranet.  Take that.

Dude standing in flowerbed.

9 thoughts on “Pictures While Eating (Like Driving w/out The Car)”

  1. It is utterly amazing how self-centered people can be, isn’t it? Come on, have a *little* courtesy…and stop to enjoy your surroundings while you’re at it.

  2. I think I would have “accidentally” flung soup or something on him. Bumped into him and dumped my drink on his phone. Ok, not really, but I’d be giving him dagger eyes all the same. Nice guy! >:(

  3. Holy Hell.. where did all these comments come from? let me catch it up.

    @Stephanie – The dude prolly thought that spot was made for cell phone use. He seemed like that kinda dude.

    @Nancy Bond – hehe… indeed.

    @Heidi & deb – agreed & agreed.

    @Kathy – We totally saw you throw your gum in that sawgrass bush the other day… don’t think we didn’t. 😉 And we changed your URL… AGAIN. MAKE UP YOUR MIND! haha

    @Amy – waste a decent drink on this dude… he wasn’t worth it… he did get a look from everyone… but I’m sure he had no clue what for. Not a ton of gardening freaks drinking that night I suppose. ha

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