Positive Pepper Picking

Long time no see…

Let’s just get past it right now, it has been a while – but big damn deal right?  We all get busy, we all have things come up.  We did.

But the garden still grows.  We have mistreated it, yet it still grows.  Especially the peppers, they are going crazy.  We have been picking them pretty much all year, but with lots going on this past month – we saved them all and harvested all at one time.

Here is a picture of our pepper harvest…

Pepper haul.

No, your not seeing things, and we aren’t crazy – there are a handful of tomatoes in there too.  Over 30 peppers just yesterday, not too bad.  We are starting to cool off lately, and it has done the garden some good.  Seems like it was 100+ for most of the end of June & all of August.  Hopefully we will get a few more months of nice enough weather to pull off some late “Summer” crops.

We did get out this weekend and plant some fall/winter crops… something we haven’t done before.  We are excited to see how it goes.  How does your garden grow?

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