Pretty Lilies

Orange Lilies 

I wish that I could take credit for growing these beautiful lilies, but I can’t.  Well actually I could and you guys would never know, but I’m just not a good liar, unlike someone else who posts on this blog.  Just kidding readers, I will never let him lie to you (unless it benefits me).

**wink wink**

During our trips to the grocery store about every two weeks we always pick up some fresh flowers for a couple of vases around the kitchen.  Lilies have quickly become a favorite.  We can get a variety of colors, they last a long time and they are pretty.  This bunch is by far my favorite that we have ever ended up with.  There were tons of blooms when we bought them and they opened so big and bright. 

Fresh flowers always make me feel good and make the kitchen look so fresh.

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