Build Your Own Raised Bed For Onions

Our goal this year was to have raised beds.  I swear we said that last year… on those long nights where we lay up in bed thinking about how much we hated our soil. 

Little did we know, we would be moving into a different house and building these beds there.

We probably would have put it off anyhow if we hadn’t moved… that is the sad part.  We would have sat around and bitched about the soil for another year or two and then finally broke down and built them.  This new house didn’t have a logical place for a garden, nor an established spot.  Which is a good thing.  Remember, it forced us to put in these awesome beds.

The onions we started a while back have been sitting around screaming to get planted… but we didn’t have a spot for them.  So I had this idea to use this scrap wood that used to be some shelves in the garage.  Didn’t take much to figure it out, a few cuts and they were together practically.  Filled it with some soil…. and here ya go…

Onion Row Raised Bed

Pretty sweet huh?  You are probably thinking… why just one row, and why like it is.. and blah blah blah.  I promise it makes sense.  Let us zoom out a little and you can see where it is in relation to the rest.

Raised Beds (Design your own!)

Now it makes a little more sense eh?  We plan for at least 1 more past the two on the left.  Your eyes are not screwy either… the first one is not as wide as the back one, and the back one is shorter than the first one.  And if you were not confused before, you should be nice and confused by now.  That’s how we like to keep our readers.  Niiiiiiice and confused.

As you can tell, we already planted our onions out there (the middle is white onions, the two on the outside are yellow), they are doing good – still nothing in those two on the left.  Hopefully soon, the weather is getting awesome.  I promise we still plan to give you the plans and walk-throughs for raised beds… but we are just so busy gardening!  haha  Catch-22 I suppose.

5 thoughts on “Build Your Own Raised Bed For Onions”

  1. Hey, those look great! I’m growing onion plants for the first time this year. How deep are your beds and what kind of soil did you use?

  2. @Heidi – our onion bed is about 6-7 inches high, with soil about 5 inches deep. The soil is a store bought Miracle Grow Organic Gardening Soil that we love to use. Then we mixed in some cow manure near the top. Good luck with your onions, we just snipped ours off to about 3-4 inches, they were getting too tall.

  3. Great looking progress you two. Always something great to look forward to here… of course… all you are doing is frustrating those of us who can’t get out there yet!! AAAHHHH!!!

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