Seedlings Are Shivering, Wife Is Mocking Me

So last night hit the 32 degrees mark I believe.  Which means I was wrong.  We did get one last freeze (or is it the last?), and tonight they say we will hit it again.  Granted it isn’t a long hard freeze – we are barely scraping 32 and then staying near 40 most of the day… but still.  Shala called it… I didn’t.  She will never let me live it down.

I can admit when I am wrong. 

It hurts… but I can do it. 

I was wrong.

See.  That wasn’t so hard.  We are happy we have our sunroom now though.  All our seedlings are watching through the window – laughing at the freeze.  Shivering the whole time… but laughing in the face of cold.  TAKE THAT!

Seedlings Growing Inside

People have commented on how many seedlings we have, but we are planning on giving a few to family and anyone else local that might want one or two.  We are going to grow them inside for a while before handing them off.  Also, we have been known to fry a few in this West Texas heat – so we wanted to be sure we had enough.

If you are local and would like some tomato plants or pepper plants… give us a shout either on here, email or twitter and we will set one aside!

We also want to talk to local food banks and see if we can donate fresh veggies if we have extra.  Anyone with info on that, please let us know who to contact (if you know someone in particular).  Also – we are canning this year.

3 thoughts on “Seedlings Are Shivering, Wife Is Mocking Me”

  1. That is sad – the seedlings are shivering. 😉 They look good in spite of it thought.
    What a great idea that you are growing the vegies to give away. I think that is wonderful.

  2. @RainGardener – thanks for stopping by! we are trying to find somewhere we can donate some food.

    @deb – thanks, yeah we have changed our focus from food bank to soup kitchen I believe. We will definitely let people know when we find a home for our surplus of veggies.

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