Showing Off Our Plants w/ Pics

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Snapped some pictures of our various plants so far and wanted to share with everyone the good ones.  We hope that by summer we will have a full fledged garden to hand out fresh veggies to the masses.  Ok, maybe just the people close enough to throw and hit with a veggie of their choice. 

My favs… of course I think its cool to see a lime on a tree – almost as cool as seeing one float in my beer, but also I think its cool that the parsley has started putting out the trademark leaf already (instead of the sprout type leaf).  Also the jalapenos are cool, even though they haven’t start to bare/bear (which is it?) fruit… the hangy-down flowers are looking just like it will when it has peppers hangin’.  See all the pics below.  Enjoy.

How to grow Bell Pepper plants.

Bell Peppers – it will be moved to the garden come spring.

How to grow Jalapeno Pepper plants.

Jalapeno Peppers – will also be moved to the garden in the spring.

How to grow lime trees.

Limes – will be placed directly into a beer.

How to grow Oregano at home.

Oregano – planning to keep these in pots, but have in the garden.

How to grow parsley plants.

Parsley – See above.

How to grow potato plants

Potato – this guy/gal is already in the garden – loving life.

How to grow Sweet Cayene pepper plants.

Sweet Cayene Pepper – will be moved to the garden in the spring.

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