Southern Texas Mystery Plant

Ok – our favorite game around here, Name That Plant.  My Mom & Stepdad were in the Beaumont, TX area this past week and she said these plants where growing in the bar-ditches along the road.  I am not sure if she snatched one up or just wanted to know so she could buy one at a later date – but she sent an email asking if our group could help figure this one out.

So put on your gardening/plant identifying/master hats and help a sista (my Mom) out.  Check the pic below… if you have other questions, just leave them in the comments and I will make sure the Mother tries to answer them as quickly as possible, if possible.  Thanks in advance.

Mystery Plant - Do you know what it is?

3 thoughts on “Southern Texas Mystery Plant”

  1. Being an Oklahoma blogger, I’m not sure, but I bet the Austin bloggers would know. Ask Pam @ Digging or Cindy @ My Corner of Katy or Bill @ Prairie Point or maybe MSS @ Zanthan Gardens. They are great help in this area. Sorry, don’t have the time to get the urls, but if you google them, you’ll find them.~~Dee

  2. I THINK the flower is a spider lily. They are very abundant in ditches. If I could see the top of it better I could tell you for sure.

    The tree looks good. Good Job!!

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