Spring is Coming!

James is working on a great post about the planting station that he built this weekend.  It should be up in the next couple of days, so if you are thinking of building your own keep checking back.  Let me just say that it is AWESOME!  It is exactly what we needed and is a great project to do on a budget.

Now on with the important information, SEEDS ARE PLANTED.

After the building of the planting station we put it to good use and got the first rounds of seeds planted.  We decided to go ahead and buy the peat moss disks and mini green houses for our seeds.  This was the easiest way for us to plant a lot in a small space and keep them all organized.  After being put in their greenhouses they are staying on the planting station in our sunroom.  They should germinate well as we are able to control the heat in the room and keep them at a constant temperature.

We have ordered some seeds that should be in this week, but we also picked some up locally.  Since we only had one packet of tomatoes they got their own little greenhouse.

Brandywine Pink

This is the Brandywine Pink variety.  We didn’t have these last year and were wanting to try something new. 

California Wonder Bell, Sweet Banana Pepper, Cascabelle Sweet Pepper

In this starter we have our sweet peppers.  We still have on packet coming so we will plant those when they get here.  So far we have California Wonder Bell, Sweet Banana and Cascabella peppers.  We eat a lot of peppers and hope that we get a better harvest than we had last year.  We’re smarter this year, at least we think and hope so!

In the last starter that we have so far, we have our hot peppers.  James chose a Early Jalapeno variety and then we planted some saved seeds from some jalapenothat we liked.  I think that we have a couple more hot varieties coming.

Last but not least, our herbs!

Cilantro, basil, parsley, chives

We started cilantro, chives, basil, parsley and dill.  Basil and cilantro were planted in both pots since we use those the most.  All of these will grow in the sunroom since the herbs are a little bit more sensitive to the blistering heat that we have in the summer.  They will get plenty of sun light without being scortched.

I’m excited to get the rest of our seeds in and get them started.  We are glad to have the sunroom so that we can get an early start on a lot of plants.  They have a great place to grow until it is safe to move them outdoors and since we are doing containers this year they will be easy to move around to the perfect spot in the yard.

Have you started your planting yet?  Anything new you are trying this year?

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