Squash That…

Squash - swimming with the fishes.

After seeing this picture the first thing that came to mind was the fact that our temperature is back up and our squash look hot as hell.  I just imagine them looking over at that pool and thinking…

Would it be worth it… to uproot and just take one nice swim?

It must be hard staring at that big refreshing pool all day, while you bake in the sun.  MmmmMM baked squash.

If I was a squash… I would SOOOOoooOoOo  be swimming by now, chlorine or not.

Bonus Pictures:


I’m glad we gave it another shot, aren’t you? Also… you see that organic ant control there?  Around the base.  Yeah… we are green.  Green = cool these days.  Right?  haha

Squash Bloom

I think the squash blooms are awesome eye-candy also… who would have thought.

5 thoughts on “Squash That…”

  1. ALL of your veggies look terrific! Despite the heat, they appear to be very healthy . You should be having a bountiful harvest soon! Congrats! I’m very jealous. Flowers are more my forté….vegetables and I are still struggling with the few I have left…a lettuce salad mix and cucumbers. What do you ammend your soil with? Are you big into composting yourself?

  2. @Damien Franco – Thanks for stopping by man, yeah – won’t be long and we will be stocked up.

    @Heidi – Thanks! Well we have put some compost down (humus), however we have since started composting ourselves, we are waiting on the black gold to get good and we will start ammending with that.

    @deb – thats what everyone says… luckily we have a large family and everyone is HUNGRY!

  3. Hi Guys!
    Your squash looks terrific! I have, no wait, HAD 3 squash plants. I was forced to pull one up due to severe squash vine borer damage, these guys are fast! Got a tissue? I treated my remaining plants with a water, soap and veg. oil spray and prayed for the best. I went out yesterday to pick a very lovely squash (if you go to my blog, you’ll see a pic of it) and guess what? I could say some really ugly words but I won’t. Those dang worms are still at it, there were little tiny holes in it! I hate those things, eatin’ up my beautiful, yellow yum-yums. What can I dooooooooooooo? Any suggestions? I need a tissue now. :0(
    *sniff, sniff*

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