Still Harvesting Veggies From The Garden

I know with the lack of gardening related posts, one might think we aren’t even doing much anymore with the garden.

You are about half right.

We have really let the garden go of late, with everything going on… we just haven’t had time to get out there and enjoy it.  The cool thing is that we are still harvesting some veggies here and there and will continue to as long as we live here (less than a month). 

We have tons of tomatoes that are about to be ready to pull, we have just been pulling them as we need them.  Nothing like a fresh tomato… mmmMmm.  Our peppers are probably the most abundant crop, all kinds of good stuff.  Jalapenos are hot as ever and they finally get big.  Then add in the constant flow of banana peppers and a few bell peppers here and there… it all makes us happy campers.

Shala planted some green beans late in the season and they grow so fast.  We are already pulling beans off and expect to for a while… wait… at least until the end of the month (I keep forgetting we are moving).  This weekend Shala went out and picked a little bit of everything, and as you can see below… we are still getting enough to keep us fed (for a day).

Our latest harvest.

Pictured are some green beans, some hot portugal peppers and banana peppers (in that order).  Anyone else still out there harvesting?  I know you Texans are… its still Summer here.

3 thoughts on “Still Harvesting Veggies From The Garden”

  1. We harvested and ate okra and zucchini yesterday. I can go all winter with broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, carrots. Oh never mind, that list is too long.

  2. We planted late here in Austin– around mid to late June!! Only reaped one tiny tomato for a while… but recently the beans have been swelling up, appearing even on the short plants! Also, the cantaloupe vine is producing fruit!! Three melons are developing as I write this… (I’m afraid I’ve jinxed them now, of course)… They are ping-pong ball, tennis ball and softball sized. 🙂

    Ooh and the pumpkin patch has blossomed! I had never seen pumpkin flowers before, so when I found half a dozen brilliant orange, palm-sized flowers in bloom, it absolutely took my breath away.

    Gosh, I didn’t realize how much I loved our little garden. X-)

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